A Soundtrack for Change

Blessed Unrest:

A Soundtrack for Social Change

Socially conscious rock to inspire, empower, and renew the heart of all those who want to make a positive difference with their lives.


Blessed Unrest – A Soundtrack for Social Change

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Rock / Socially Conscious Rock / Devotional Rock

San Francisco, CA

With a sound as epic as the Dave Matthews Band, infectious as Michael Franti, and soulful as Ben Harper, Zo Tobi delivers a powerful soundtrack for change that stays with you even after the music ends.

Zo’s debut EP, Blessed Unrest, was funded by a groundswell of fan support, and adds to a resurgence of music with a message. In-studio and onstage, acoustic or full-band, Zo's rhythmic grooves, musical prowess, lyrical depth, and emotional power go to the heart of who we are and what we're here to contribute.

As an apathetic 16-year old, Zo's life changed course when his 80-year old mentor told him: "When you're my age, your grandkids will ask what you did with your life." Since then, he has become an organizer for social & environmental causes, a certified professional leadership coach, and a musician who will be making waves for some time to come.


News & Updates

Filling up the spiritual gas tank in Boston

On Sunday, August 24th — two days after performing at the Boston Opera House for the People’s Climate Tour — I’ll have the honor of contributing music for the Unitarian Universalist worship service at the historic and socially progressive Arlington Street Church. At a time when religion is the backdrop for so much separation, hatred,(…)

Building a movement of movements

I’ve just been asked to join as a featured musician for the People’s Climate Tour! This is a huge honor for me. In just a few weeks, the Tour will educate, inspire, and empower people in the lead-up to the People’s Climate March — an event shaping up to be the largest climate-focused demonstration ever.(…)