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Blessed Unrest

Blessed Unrest – A Soundtrack for Social Change

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About Zo

With a sound as epic as the Dave Matthews Band, infectious as Michael Franti, and soulful as Ben Harper, Zo Tobi delivers a powerful soundtrack for change that stays with you even after the music ends.

Zo’s debut EP, Blessed Unrest, was funded by a groundswell of fan support, and adds to a resurgence of music with a message. In-studio and onstage, acoustic or full-band, Zo’s rhythmic grooves, musical prowess, lyrical depth, and emotional power go to the heart of who we are and what we’re here to contribute.

As an apathetic 16-year old, Zo’s life changed course when his 80-year old mentor told him: “When you’re my age, your grandkids will ask what you did with your life.” Since then, he has become an organizer for social & environmental causes, a certified professional leadership coach, and a musician who will be making waves for some time to come.



News & Updates

Woohoo!  You’re Going To Die.

Woohoo! You’re Going To Die.

I’ll be sharing a song as one of the curated artists, at the legendary You’re Going To Die show in San Francisco next Wednesday! YG2D exists “to bring people creatively into the conversation of death and dying, while helping to inspire & empower out of an unabashed embrace of our loss & mortality.” It’s one(…)

Filling up the spiritual gas tank in Boston

Filling up the spiritual gas tank in Boston

On Sunday, August 24th — two days after performing at the Boston Opera House for the People’s Climate Tour — I’ll have the honor of contributing music for the Unitarian Universalist worship service at the historic and socially progressive Arlington Street Church. At a time when religion is the backdrop for so much separation, hatred,(…)

Building a movement of movements

Building a movement of movements

I’ve just been asked to join as a featured musician for the People’s Climate Tour! This is a huge honor for me. In just a few weeks, the Tour will educate, inspire, and empower people in the lead-up to the People’s Climate March — an event shaping up to be the largest climate-focused demonstration ever.(…)