Music for a life of purpose.

Hi! I'm Zo.

Thanks for checking out my music!

I call it “purpose-driven rock” because we all need reminders of who we are, why we're here, and how capable we are.

We all want to make a difference. We can all lead extraordinary lives. And we all need “heart fuel” to keep us moving forward — especially when we want to give up.

I hope my music gives you exactly that fuel you need.

If you love the music, let me know by leaving a review on my FB page.

So happy to be connected with you!

❤️ Zo

p.s. – More about me: I’m a husband, father, songwriter, and leadership coach. My calling is to help people lead lives they are proud of, and I love puns & poop jokes. That sums it up! 🤣

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Zo Tobi makes “purpose-driven rock” for a life of purpose, reverence, & social action.

Fans call Zo’s music “soul medicine that reminds us who we are at our core.”

Zo's songs call to mind "music with a message" like Michael Franti, Jason Mraz, Trevor Hall, Ayla Nereo, & Rising Appalachia.

Zo is a husband, father, songwriter, leadership coach, and Director of Donor Organizing at Movement Voter Project. His calling is to help people lead lives they are proud of. He also loves bad puns & poop jokes.


I just listened to Blessed Unrest again--recommend it so highly. Zo's music reaches in and touches us to remind us about who we are at our core--divine and one. And when we operate from that place in action, anything can happen! - Laurie Bryan Larson

Zo's music inspires me deeply! Every time I listen to it, I feel like my heart grows bigger. - Tresne Hernandez

Zo makes life light and hopeful. Just a small sweet step, and I am looking forward to what is next!!! The world is a crazy place right now but with the talent of people like Zo we can join together and make it a beautiful place!!! - Tracy Giles