Get your soul medicine
with songs for the world you want to see.

Hey! I’m Zo Tobi. I play purpose-driven rock for people who want to make a difference.


Sometimes life can get so daunting, and it can feel like we’re going to hell in a handbasket. We all need a way to refuel, find hope, and keep going. That’s why I write these songs. I hope you enjoy.


Zo Tobi is a “purpose-driven rock” musician in Oakland, CA with an uplifting social and spiritual message.

Alongside artists like Michael Franti, Nahko, Xavier Rudd, Trevor Hall, and Rising Appalachia, Zo Tobi ushers in a new wave of conscious music calling for spiritual awakening and social action.

With a unique background as a community organizer and certified life coach, Zo Tobi delivers a soul-stirring fusion of folk, soul, and gospel that invites us to discover who we are and what we’re here to contribute.