Give Yourself to Love

Coaching Community


Stay in community.
Turn insight into action.
Devote yourself to a life of love.

Turn insight into action.

Give Yourself to Love coaching community


A recurring place to:

  • Set aside time to "be love's student."
  • Troubleshoot places you feel "stuck."
  • See how to approach love & partnership during COVID-19.
  • Practice tools like the Green Lens in your daily life.
  • Stay "accountable" (aka "count-on-able"!) to your small sweet steps.
  • Build your skills for showing up with grace when things feel scary or hard.
  • Keep learning from your companions on the journey. 🙂

What's included

  • 2x/month group coaching by Zoom (with replays)
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 follow-up support by email + Facebook


  • When: Next round TBD
  • Who: GYTL students only (the more the merrier)

How to get coached

I can't guarantee a specific number of direct coaching interactions, but I CAN guarantee you'll get whatever support you're looking for in the following ways:

  1. Ask a question anytime in the Facebook Group or by email.
  2. Submit a coaching request by @ 9am the day before each session to join the coaching queue, so I can work with you beforehand to refine the requests.
  3. Plan for 15-20 minute "laser coaching," so we get to as many folks as we can.
  4. I'm asking EVERYONE to post takeaways, follow-up questions, and next steps after each session, so no one is participating passively.
  5. If we don't address your request in our session, share on Facebook or email and I'll support you until it's 100% complete.

Be love's student.

Stay on the journey.

Review the slides from the final module, and ask yourself:

Where might I be in 1-3 years if I devote myself to this path?

And: What might I achieve with support vs. without support?