Something Beautiful:
Songs for Wisdom in Action


The purpose of this album is for spiritual, socially-conscious people to be refueled, lift up their voices together, and be empowered to play their part in creating a world that works for all.

Sample Demos

To get a small taste of the direction for this album, enjoy these very rough demos:


The Album

The album will have:

  • ~12 songs, ideal for group singing in both spiritual and secular settings (spiritual/religious groups, schools, conferences, meetings, etc).
  • Sparse instrumentation — lead vocals, acoustic guitar, and possibly keys and percussion.
  • Choir parts on every track, sung and recorded live by a variety of choirs, simple enough for any beginners’ choir to easily learn and perform.

We’ll enlist a handful of choirs to sing on a few songs each, and then produce the album like this:

  1. Record the “backbone” parts for each song (lead vocals, guitar, possibly keys & percussion).
  2. Visit each choir for a few hours, practice the song(s), and record with a live mic setup.
  3. Add the choir tracks onto the basic tracks, and put it all together to mix and master.

The Finished Product

The album will be be available via:

  1. Digital streaming via Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.
  2. Digital download via BandCamp (pay-what-you-can)
  3. A songbook (both physical and digital) that includes, for each song:
    1. Song download
    2. Lyrics
    3. Expanded liner notes, telling the story of the song
    4. Prompts for personal reflection & group discussion
    5. Sheet music for songleaders and music directors to use with their groups
  4. A website, where people can also upload their own performances of the songs.

Join the effort!

This album is by far the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken. It’s going to take more time, money, energy, and people power than anything I’ve created thus far! Would you like to be a part of the effort to bring it to life? If so, please consider becoming a monthly contributor!