Give Yourself to Love

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Welcome to the course!

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Step 1: Invite a friend

Anyone you want to invite to join you? I’ve had a lot of friends and partners do it together and they loved sharing the experience!

Here’s a sample message you can personalize: I just joined this online course on finding and growing partnership. It starts March 9, want to do it with me? There's a free intro webinar you can watch:

You can:

  1. Use this link to share broadly on Facebook, and then
  2. Send an email (sample below) to a few specific people who come to mind.

Step 2: Complete registration

Submit your registration form to help clarify your intentions and objectives for the course, and to lay the foundation for you to get the most value out of it.

Step 3: Mark your calendar

Call-in info (same every session):

Sessions are each Monday 5-7pm Pacific, March 9 through May 25.

Principle 1: Envision True Partnership

  • March 9 – Training Session
  • March 16 – Coaching Session

Principle 2: Get Out of Love’s Way

  • March 23 – Training Session
  • March 30 – Coaching Session

Principle 3: Be the Partner You Seek

  • April 6 – Training Session
  • April 13 – Coaching Session

Principle 4: Set the Table for Love

  • April 20 – Training Session
  • April 27 – Coaching Session

Principle 5: Let Love Grow

  • May 4 – Training Session
  • May 11 – Coaching Session

Principle 6: Be Love’s Student

  • May 18 – Training Session
  • May 25 – Coaching Session

Step 4: Join the private Facebook Group

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Bonus: Join Google Classroom

All course materials will be on Google Classroom. Go to Classroom, click “+” in the top right, select “Join Class,” and enter the code: d6qb5cf

Go to the “Classwork” tab, and check out the items under “Get Started.”

That’s it for now!

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll see you soon!


Zo Tobi
Happy husband, proud papa,
+ Professional Certified Coach

Sample email invite

(Copy, paste, and personalize)

SUBJECT: Give Yourself to Love - want to join me?

Hey! I just joined this online course on finding and growing partnership. It starts March 9, want to do it with me? There's a free intro webinar you can watch:

Give Yourself to Love

Find & grow the partnership you love

Gain 6 spiritual, practical principles you can use to find and grow the love you're looking for — without wasting your time or energy.


Basic details:

  • Who: Anyone in OR seeking a partnership you love — especially "do-gooders" who know love is the fuel for building a better world.
  • What: 90 days of practical tools, simple practices, coaching, and support
  • Where: Online (join by video or phone)
  • When: March 9 - May 25 (every Monday 5-7pm Pacific, replays available)
  • Why: Because a life of love is a life without regrets.
  • Led by: Zo Tobi, PCC: Happy husband, proud papa, + certified coach
  • Tuition: Sliding scale, $300-$400/month for 3 months (scholarship spots available)

Free intro webinar: 6 Principles of Partnership

Watch the free intro webinar now to see what the course is all about.

This is for you if:

  • You feel stuck and you’re tired of "just waiting."
  • You're tired of not finding what you want.
  • You want to bring your best to a new relationship.
  • Your current relationship is at a crossroads.
  • You're in a great relationship you want to deepen.

Get support, tools, and practices to:

  • Find and grow partnership with joy instead of fear or desperation.
  • Identify your blind spots and go past your inner stopping points.
  • Show up loving even under stress, so you can end the day without regrets.
  • Free up space in your life, so you can savor the opportunities for love.
  • See when to commit, give it a chance, or move on, without wasting energy.
  • Learn your lessons the easy way, so you can cherish more happy memories.